Chris Seltzer

Software Developer


My experience of Suits so far..

Imagine being a programmer who doesn’t speak English.

You’d have no idea what, “if”, “then”, “else”, “while”, “for”, etc mean.  All you’d know is their symbolic meaning in code.

"That hardly ever happens"

Means the same thing as, “That happens”

Education is what people do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself

I like that everyone throws out automation and AI as an imminent apocalypse.

What happened when motorized farm equipment eliminated much of the manual labor in food production - did the world end? No, the labor pool adapted (and the family unit did too). What happened as more and more machines entered the work place in the form of your desktop computer, did the world end? No, the labor pool adapted. And so it goes from industry to industry as technology improves.

There are entire industries today that did not exist even 50 years ago.  Imagine the industries we’ll see in another 50 years. They’re going to need employees too.

If you’re looking for a reason behind the rise in autism this is a good place to start.